B & B Farms

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Sarah breeds and shows the Hollands in Youth, and has been raising them since October 2012.


Smith's Hotdog

born 6/14/12

13 GC legs

GC B&B's Harvey

B&B's Pip x Smith's C5, born 4/15/15

23 GC legs

GC B&B's TaterTot

GC B&B's Harvey x Smith's C5, born 11/13/17

7 GC legs


Smith's C5 (cinnamon the 5th)

Brock's Fallen Ears Quality x Smith's BT4, born 11/27/14

BOB KY State Fair with over 100 Hollands entered

GC B&B's Brie

Smith's AK3 "Spaghetti" x B&B's Lily, born 12/19/17

BOB Youth Holland Lop KY State Fair 2019

#20 Top Lop 2019

18 GC Legs

B&B's Jazz

GC B&B's Vinny x Smith's XBG "Sadie," born 6/29/21

BOSV Youth Holland Lop 2021 ARBA Convention